How it works


Love Whimsy delivers you flipping delicious coffee from a rotating bunch of super talented, experienced and passionate roasters. 

How much how often

A good rule of thumb is less more often. If you're using an espresso machine, you'll get about 12 shots per 250g. If you're a filter drinker, you'll get about 16-20 cups per 250g.

When we deliver

As we roast to order, and our roasters have different roasting schedules, delivery dates are subject to change. We collate orders on Thursdays, and then process them during the following seven days. It sounds like a long wait for your first order, but after that your coffees will keep on rolling in a timely fashion. Oh and shipping is included!

Updating, pausing or cancelling suscriptions

You can make changes to your subscription anytime! Log in or sign up to your account and away you go. There's no lock in contracts, exit fees, or joining fees. You can skip a week if your coffee supply is still plentiful, or bump up the grams if you need more. You can pause if you're going on holidays, or cancel altogether if you're moving overseas (though we'll happily ship wherever you go). 

Questions or comments

For questions frequent or otherwise, and comments or feedback, please contact us!